What is Laser Targeted Traffic? Why it Makes The Most Money.

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When I look at the times I made the most money online, it was always because I had been marketing to laser targeted niches. 

I’m not going to hide the numbers and I will show them to you throughout this article, but before I do, I want to actually cover this topic, so when I do get to the numbers and case studies, you won’t be surprised why it turned out the way it did. Let’s start with this:

What is laser targeted traffic?

It is the most relevant, specific and profitable traffic you could possibly get to your website. Think of people who know exactly what they are looking for on the internet:

Product reviews, questions to specific problems and topics. I’ll give you 3 specific examples coming up, but for now, keep these subjects in mind and the types of people who are looking them up.

These are people who aren’t just browsing around the internet. They have specific intent in mind, to find a solution to something and these the best audiences that convert for the marketer who knows how to find them and market to them.

I do talk about and give examples of laser targeted traffic in this article, where I discussed how you can gather an email list quickly and make money from it.

You are almost guaranteed to make money online. Now the best way for me to help you understand this is to put up the following picture of a dart board, but divide it into 3 sections, and the closer you get to the middle (the bullseye), the better it is:

what is laser targeted traffic

Now that we have some sort of color schematic to help you better see this, let me give you 5 examples of laser targeted traffic (audiences). Just apply the color of the text to the dart board above. You’ll get it this way, I promise:

Want even more examples? Check out another article on this topic I wrote here.

Anyway, that covers the finding of the laser targeted traffic. What I would do once I select one of those subjects is to follow traffic generation tips whether it be start a blog on the subject or maybe set up an email list and market it on paid ad networks.

The goal is to get that traffic to the site/landing page and then sell to them and this is the traffic that converts the most, hands down (I’m about to give examples).

Now this part of the process requires you understanding blogging, traffic generation and all that stuff, and if you don’t already know some, most or all of it, get the best training for that here, as the examples I’m about to give were successful thanks to me implementing that training.

3 personal examples of how laser targeted traffic made me six figures:

1) I promoted the same type of diet to 3 different laser targeted audiences over a course of several years and made about $500,000+. More info here.

The main takeaway to this is that I was targeting specific audiences (in the red). 

2) I had been targeting people looking for specific make money online programs. I was setting up review pages for these products and these pages were attracting the laser targeted audience to them. The angle here is that I usually promoted a great program called Wealthy Affiliate to these people instead of the actual product review (because it’s better). In the process, I generated over $200,000. Proof here.

3) The last example is a list building campaign which I linked to above, but in one of the 5 examples I gave of laser targeted traffic, I actually set up an experimental landing page to collect a list for this crowd and it is working quite well when it comes to opt ins. Read more here.

In all these cases, like I said in the beginning, the reason these scenarios worked was because I knew how to find the specific audiences and how to market to them. Most of this article focuses again on understanding what laser targeted traffic is, and how to find it, but in terms of marketing to it, it’s a very long explanation on what you need to do, which is why again, you need to get training here.