Video Marketing Blaster Pro. Why I’m Not Convinced.

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After seeing an ad on my FB feed for Video Marketing Blaster Pro, I decided to check it out and I have to say, I’m not convinced it works like it’s marketed.

I actually have legitimate points to make to explain (3 in particular, see below) on why I’m not convinced, but before I get to explaining them, let me explain a few main points about this software so you know what it is:

Video Marketing Blaster Pro (VMB) explained:

Price: $77.

What does it do? Supposedly, it helps you make high ranking YouTube videos. You create videos, then go through the software to find the best, low competition keywords, pick them out and then basically the software fills in the info such as the title, description and tags. Here is their site.

After that, that info that’s input will be uploaded to YouTube so you can publish it and you should see results very quickly after you publish the upload on YouTube.

Also, what you upload may even show up on Google’s search and thus drive more traffic and views to it. 

What I think: I know a bit about ranking on YouTube and a whole lot about ranking websites and there’s a few key things I carefully examined about this software to see if it really does do what it says and I found that there’s a serious misconception I notice…

Ok, let me explain exactly why I’m not convinced:

The impression people get is that with this software, you can rank high for some big keywords and get more views and exposure on the uploads you put up on YouTube.

I did a bunch of research prior, including on the ad that led me to the program, and YouTube reviews from people who have used this program and in every single instance, I noticed one very critical thing that ultimately made me decide NOT to buy this program and here is that issue:

Contrary to this software supposedly helping you rank high on YouTube search (and Google), the problem is that all the examples I’ve seen which showcase this software in action are always showing YouTube rankings for keywords which have very little competition and more importantly very little searches, which quite frankly, I don’t think anyone actually types into YouTube.

In fact, I’m certain that if we had 2 scenarios, where…

-In one, person A was uploading a YouTube video directly, and trying to rank for a VERY long keyword…

-Vs in the other, where person B was uploading a YouTube video for the same keyword through the software…

Then it is my personal opinion that both their uploads would rank high up, regardless if one person used the software and the other didn’t. Why?

Because the keyword for which they were trying to rank for had no competition and frankly, hardly anyone, if anyone would actually look it up on YouTube. 

3 reasons why I actually have good reason to say this:

1) Let’s take the official ad I saw on FB which originally showed me this software…

The ad was actually an inside look into the program and showing how quickly it works. I watched it, and carefully studied what was being shown and here is what I noticed…

The keyword that the person was trying to rank for was “Video marketing Bronx” as in an agency looking to promote their services for people. And the intent is, if you’re a company looking to get clients and make videos for them, you’d use this software to get your video high up on YouTube for that keyword, get clients and earn money.

That’s great, but let me ask you this…how many people actually look up that keyword on YouTube? And even on Google? I have 3 pieces of evidence that say little to nothing:

First evidence: I used my personal keyword tool, Jaaxy and it said less than 10 monthly, which usually means 0.

Second evidence: I used the keywords everywhere tool and it said 10 searches a month.

Third evidence: I actually found the same video VMB put up, on Google, so it did rank on the first page, but problem is, it literally has 1 waiting view (and I assume it’s counting my view):

Now you see the channel “Easy video rankings”, but you also see the “VMB” in the image too which I assume can only be the actual software. So yeah, my point here is…no one really looks for this keyword on Google or on YouTube, and I could have just as easily uploaded my own stuff for the same keyword and also got ranked high, but there’s just no point in that, because NO one is looking for this…

2) Let’s take an actual YouTube review of this software…

I needed to see some unbiased proof of this software working, so I took to YouTube itself to see what others were saying. Now I know how to spot fake reviews and/or those which are misleading, so I sifted through those and found a decent one, this one.

The guy did a good job, but unfortunately, it didn’t actually make VMB any more worth recommending. Allow me to explain why:

In that review, he tries to rank for a keyword which actually does get searches on Google (Over a 1,000 a month as based on the same keyword tools I used), and the keyword is “portable air compressors at Walmart”. I was actually surprised to see that it got searches, but hey, that’s how this keyword stuff works.

Now while trying to rank for it, the man did showcase how he DID rank on the first page of Google’s search results (when he clicked on videos, not the site results), but then I went to Google itself to see if I could find the same upload. And what happened? I couldn’t find it.

I sifted through at least 50 results, looking for both the review and his YouTube channel and couldn’t find either of these things.

This tells me that he may have ranked high at first, but perhaps it was a personalized result, which usually shows up high, but for an individual, not the general audience and/or he may have been ranked high, for a short period of time, until his upload was overtaken by other channels going for the same keyword and without enough likes, and comments, his upload will be buried somewhere deep in the results and basically this means…

That this is another example of the software not really doing that much. Again, I don’t see how I couldn’t have gotten the same results, from uploading my own video for the same keyword without using this software, but I’d probably also have my upload buried in the search results. Still, I would have spent $0 to get that result…

3) Another YouTube review proving my point, despite praising the program.

When doing analytical work like this, you have to look at more than just 1 or even 2 cases, so I went and found a third person who reviewed VMB and he also did a good job, but again, in the end, it just proved my initial point. Let me explain…

This is the other review I found which is over 20 minutes long. The man in this case had a YouTube upload and was trying to rank it for this following keyword “How to make better videos on YouTube”.

And he said that he couldn’t rank high for that on (understandable), so he attempted to use VMB to help boost it up and here’s what happened: 

He used that software to get more keywords, and it basically added to his existing upload, added more keywords, many of which are low competition and he changed his title. Now the title of his video (and target keyword) was:

How to make better videos on YouTube (and get more views). 

Notice what changed…

The add on to the original keyword is “and get more views” WITH parenthesis over it, which also is important. He made those edits to his existing video, then did another search on YouTube for the whole NEW, and long keyword and wouldn’t you know it…

Now he ranks on the first page. Great right? NO. Here’s why:

His original ranking for the first keyword is still nowhere to be found and his new, longer keyword is one that NO one types in to YouTube, so the result is that this update will not provide him with anymore views. Look, you can see this for yourself, I’m telling you what I saw and it’s not good…

The point of all 3 of these studies of VMB:

Again, these examples are of people titling their uploads with a long keyword that no one types and because there’s no keyword competition for them, so OF COURSE they will rank high, but to say that this software is some magic tool for getting high ranking YouTube videos is just a double statement, because yes it will do it, but from what I saw, it will do it for keywords you’ll get little or no views for, that’s the main point.

Final Rating: VMB

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. The only decent stuff I saw was that this tool gives you competition numbers for what I can only assume is YouTube competition, so choosing the low competition terms and then making your videos have those titles might actually help, but for ranking, there’s no evidence I saw that it’ll do it for truly important keywords, only ones no one will actually type, so again, I ask, what’s the point of using this software? I don’t see it.

My final thoughts: Let me come clean about my experiences with YouTube:

I’m not going to profess to be some genius at YouTube marketing and getting lots of views for my uploads. I’ve made a lot of them and rarely have they gotten a lot of views.

But what I do know is a lot about is Google rankings and actually getting high rankings for some serious keywords, and that’s what I do today. 

Let me quickly segway into something you can use right away:

Alex Becker has some great stuff on YouTube views and ranking and his info is free to check out, learn more.

As for general rankings, actual traffic on Google and YouTube, you should look into Wealthy Affiliate.

Now back to the topic…

The rules for ranking for high volume keywords are somewhat similar with YouTube and Google, that being:

Pick a low competition keyword, write an awesome title, get likes and comments and the more views you get, the more you’ll appear for the keyword on YouTube. 

With Google, it’s similar, but there’s other parameters.

What IS absolutely the same on both platforms is that if you try to target a very long keyword that gets no searches, you WILL get ranked on the first page results, both for YouTube AND Google, but what’s the point? No one will find your content anyway, so I can definitely go around claiming I know how to rank high on YouTube and Google, but it’s a deceptive statement.

So overall, I don’t believe in VMB at all, there has been 0 evidence this tool will rank you for (what is truly important) highly searches keywords on YouTube. I saw absolutely no evidence of that, and I’d love to hear if you believe differently and can prove it. Until that happens, VMB will NOT get my recommendation.