The Best from Rockstar Finance for February 12, 2019

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Most Common Myths about Everyday Millionaires

One unique thing about the book (in a way, I think we all “knew” these but the book “confirms” them) is their list of “the most common myths that are perpetuated in our society about the wealthy”.

How To Save Thousands of Dollars by Asking One Simple Question

Asking a question might sound easy, but it means we need to overcome ourselves and our fear of rejection. It takes practice and confidence. If you have the desire to save money, it might motivate you to ask the question even more. And it should.

Should planners recommend genetic testing to clients (or do it themselves)?

Whether we like it or not, part of our job as financial planners is to try to predict the future. One particularly squishy number is accurate life expectancy. Most advisors use averages, but no one is average.

A Prison Cell, A Lost Decade, and Recovering My Life

I was released from prison after ten years of incarceration in 2012. I walked into prison as a 21-year-old-kid who had made a mistake with drugs. Ten years later, I was a 31-year-old man who felt like ten years had disappeared in a blink of an eye as I walked out into the prison parking lot to see my family again.

Rockstar Rumble, Round 2, Posts 41-48

New round today! Vote for your favorites as the best personal finance posts battle for top article of 2018!