The Best from Rockstar Finance for February 11, 2019

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The Myth of Work Life Balance

You wake up, ugh, another day of work. Is it Friday yet? You get the kids to school or daycare after a hectic morning and finally punch in at work. Finally, you get to work but have to walk past that one person who’s always smiling and happy, it’s so annoying.

How to get dads involved in divorce and separated families

Terry Brennan, co-founder of Leading Women for Shared Parenting, an activist organization responsible for introducing legislation in 20 states, that makes equal, shared parenting the presumption in family court. This is a critical issue for children, who suffer from absentee fathers in alarming figures, as well as men, who are automatically reduced to paychecks and an afterthought in family life.

Divorce Becomes More Financially Challenging in 2019

The standard of living of both spouses often drops after divorce because the same overall income and assets now has to support two households instead of one. In my experience, few people prepare themselves financially or emotionally for that consequence.

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 52: Creating a Life Worth Living Before Retirement With Roger Whitney

Roger Whitney learned early on that your life doesn’t always cooperate with your plans. The passing of his mother – who had always worked hard and saved for ‘later’ made him realize that ‘later’ doesn’t always happen. So he set out to create a life he loves – and NEVER wants to retire from.

Rockstar Rumble, Round 2, Posts 33-40

New round today! Vote for your favorites as the best personal finance posts battle for top article of 2018!