Seven reasons why you should ride a motorcycle

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Not many students are lucky enough or flush enough to have a car at university, relying instead on an unreliable timetable of buses, trams and trains – and of course good old fashioned walking. There is another option though, and it’s one that offers more advantages than you might realise. Here’s seven great reasons why you should think about riding a motorcycle…

  1. It’s cheaper than learning to drive

    If you’re 17 or over, you can ride a 125cc motorcycle on L plates with Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), which costs under £150 and takes just one day. To lose the L plates and carry a passenger, you can do the A1 licence for around £500 over 2-4 days. Either option is better than spending the recommended 47 hours learning to drive over several weeks at an average cost of £1,128.

  2. It’s more cost-effective

    Once you have your CBT or A1 licence, you’ll find that life on two wheels is far more cost-effective than life on four wheels. Buying a brand-new 125cc machine will set you back a lot less than buying a car and once you’re on the road, motorcycles use far less fuel, so you’ll have more money in the bank for the fun stuff.

  3. It’s much easier to park

    Parking a motorcycle is far easier than parking a car – especially in built-up urban areas. Motorcycle parking is free in most public car parks, residential parking permits for bikes cost less and you can manoeuvre your bike into much smaller spaces – usually closer to your destination. Win win!

  4. It saves you time

    Getting from A to B on two wheels can definitely save you time. You can filter through traffic jams, skip to the front of the queue at the lights, use bus lanes in some towns, avoid the congestion charge in London and shave valuable minutes off your travel time to Uni. Anything that means a few extra minutes in bed before that 9am lecture has got to be good, right?

  5. It’s more fun

    Ask anyone you know who rides a motorcycle why they ride, and they’ll tell you that it’s just more fun! The commute to Uni suddenly becomes something to look forward to. You might even find yourself getting out of bed extra early and taking the scenic route, just to get more time on the bike!

  6. It’s a great way to meet people

    Motorcycling comes with a ready-made community of like-minded people who share your passion. Biker meet-ups, café hang-outs and riding groups are the norm, so you’re never short of a mate to go riding with. Some young men and women are even making a living out of the online motorcycling community, as MotoVloggers and bloggers.

  7. It’s a passport to adventure

    Motorcycling is so much more than just getting from A to B – it’s a lifestyle that can lead to once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Once you’ve progressed from CBT to full licence, think track days with your mates, riding your way around Europe on your own schedule or off-roading through the deserts of Morocco. Motorcycling makes anything possible.

If life on two wheels is starting to sound appealing, you’ll need to start thinking about the best way to get involved and that’s where the UK’s biggest motorcycle show comes in. Motorcycle Live takes place at The NEC in Birmingham from 17-25 November and brings together the very best of the world of two-wheels under one roof.

For non-motorcyclists and wannabe bikers, the show is the ideal place to immerse yourself in motorcycling. You can see all the latest bikes, try on all the kit and even have a FREE taster session on a 125cc machine with qualified instructors in a safe and private indoor environment.

Over 40 of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers will be at the show, all displaying their latest models for visitors to see, touch and try out for size. Chat to the experts on each stand and find out the best way to get on two wheels. One such manufacturer is Kawasaki – who have recently launched two brand-new 125cc motorcycles aimed at new riders.

The Ninja 125 and Z125 are set to make a strong style and performance statement in 2019 and are inspired by Kawasaki’s flagship sports bikes. Ideal for getting around town and shorter excursions to the countryside, the new Ninja 125 and Z125 engines deliver 11kW, meaning they can be ridden with a CBT or A1 motorcycle licence.

The Z125 has the uncompromising looks that the Kawasaki Z brand is famous for, while the Ninja 125 carries a silhouette and graphics that pay homage to World Superbike Champion Jonathan Rea’s Ninja ZX-10RR. Both machines offer the perfect balance of style, power and performance that make them the ideal option for first-time riders. They are undeniably cool – the only question is, which one would you choose?

For one lucky winner, this choice will become a reality, as Motorcycle Live and Kawasaki have joined forces to offer an exclusive prize package worth around £4,500 for Save the Student. The prize includes:

  • A brand-new Kawasaki Ninja 125 or Z125 motorcycle
  • Tickets to Motorcycle Live for the winner and five friends
  • A Compulsory Basic Training course at a Kawasaki Rider Training School

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