How to get started selling on Amazon

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Reading Time: 3 mins

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce business sites in the world.  It has a low barrier to entry for new entrepreneurs. You can find almost any brand on Amazon, making it one of the most successful online selling platforms. You are on the right track if you are thinking of selling your products on Amazon. However, there are steps you should follow to get started on Amazon. This is the Amazon guide you need to follow to get you started.

1. What Products Are You Selling?

You need to get the products you are selling ready. You can sell up to 20 different categories of products. This is open for all beginners. Professional sellers are allowed to sell up to 30 products of different categories. There are two selling plans available to you. You can sell one or a thousand items. Individual sellers are not charged any monthly fee. They are only required to pay a total of $0.99 on every item sold. For professionals and those who sell an unlimited number of goods, they are required to pay a total of $39.99 monthly subscription.

2. Create an Amazon Account

To sell on Amazon, you need to create an Amazon selling account. There are different sellers account. A professional and individual selling account. Read the information provided on the website to understand the type of account you need. Professional accounts are for those who intend to sell more than 40 items every month. To create an account you are required to provide the business name, a seller’s agreement, telephone/mobile number, a billing method and tax information for professional accounts. Your identity is verified with a phone call or SMS. You are required to enter your credit card or bank information for making deposits.

3. Start Listing

Now that you have created and registered your account, you can start adding items on the marketplace. To add the product for sale, go to the inventory at top of the screen. Click on ‘add item’ on the screen and then ‘add item’.

If you have products already listed on Amazon, indicate how many products you want to sell, the price of the item, shipping information, and the nature and the condition of the item. If the products are not listed on Amazon, first, identify the EAN or SKU. Then, indicate the name of the product, the title, and add a little description while highlighting key facts about the product.

The description should be as honest as possible. If a product does not meet the client’s expectations based on the description provided, they will ask for a refund. Additionally, the customer will leave a negative review which will negatively affect your sales.

4. Selling and Payments

When you make a sale, payment is deposited in your account. Amazon will notify you when money is deposited to your account via an email. The money deposited in the net of Amazon seller fee. When a customer places an order, Amazon will notify you. If you use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), they will ship the item on your behalf. However, not all items qualify for Fulfillment by Amazon.

To use FBA, go to the inventory tab and click ‘manage inventory’. Select the action Fulfilled by Amazon. After the conversion, your listings will be temporarily withdrawn from Amazon. It will be restored back once the Amazon fulfillment center receives the inventory.

As you can see, it’s easy to open an Amazon account and start selling. Making profit on Amazon is easy. However, it takes time, you need to learn the skills on how to optimize your listings and dedicate your time on it.